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Did you know that coffee’s history is just as rich as its taste?

Do you need a cup of coffee to feel human in the morning? 

Or do you carry a coffee-coloured bag or wallet ?

If you do, you’ve got lots of company. Every morning, millions of coffee machines all over the world grind and whizz and drip and foam, creating little cups of black, white, or milky magi, in the hands of Barristas. 

These little roasted beans with their intense flavour and stimulating properties have enchanted coffee lovers worldwide for centuries. But did you know that coffee’s history is just as rich as its taste? 

No one knows when the first cup was brewed but as far back as 1517 the Turkish royal family had their very own Chief Coffee Maker. He was chosen for his loyalty and ability to keep secrets (a lot of secrets have been discussed over coffee those days, political, social, personal & may even be more!). 

So important was he that a special title was invented just for him – "kahvecibasi". He would know the right amount of coffee to put into each serving, know top off his head how sweet each individual take their coffee, and when is the right moment to serve them. Think about that the next time you have to get the coffees.

Today the leading Turkish brand is "Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi" – it’s a mouthful, quite literally. Since 1871 the family-run coffee connoisseurs have been selling Arabica beans roasted to perfection. Their obsessive quality control and expertise never fails to deliver fresh, quality coffee. Made right, a cup of Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi produces a thick syrupy drink that is odorous to the nostrils, tantalizing to the taste buds, and irresistible to drinkers. 

It is properly served in a tiny cup made of ceramics or tiles and is the kind of coffee that forces you to close your eyes and curl your lips into a slow smile right after the first sip. No wonder people line up in long queues desperate to get their daily fix. 

If you would like to try coffee in a different way, then there is an address in Piccaddily now. “Kahve Dünyasi” is a coffee operator from Turkey, and is famous for its chocolate as well.

Coffee is one of the world’s favourite addictions and one of the most important trading commodities. It has the power to wake you up, kick-start the day and then keep you up so the day can run long into the night. It also has the power to bring people together whether for a casual conversation or to close a high-powered business deal.

Who knows how many relationships, business and pleasure, began over a cup of aromatic coffee?

P.S. Do not forget to check our coffee-coloured bags or wallets please!