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Backpacks / Rucksacks

Backpacks have been in our lives for centuries. Historically used for hunting and in ancient wars (archers), military forces and outdoor-enthusiast adopted them and in the last decade, city residents demanded compact versions, recently with inner pockets for laptops and tablets.

You can review all our backpacks here and search for different features. Unisex ones are very popular lately, but ladies backpacks are preferred as they are compact & stylish, while men's rucksacks are spacious and offer lots of inner pockets, mainly for cool gadgets, tablets, laptops.

Produced out of vegetable tanned  leather, aunts&uncles bring you a nice Conehead back pack in 2 colours, with cotton-based inner lining, pockets and a vintage look.

We sell Earth backpacks from Korea, made out of Cordura, at competitive prices. They are unisex and colourful, with laptop / tablet sections, well-padded and water-proof. 

From same Cordura material, we market Crumpler rucksacks from the same material, very durable and with better design elements. Many cyclists and couriers prefer Crumpler due to its innovative solutions and unique design features. 

Kletterwerks has been focused on rucksacks mainly for outdoor out of USA for decades. With their latest collection with different sizes, they are ideal for camping, outdoor excursions as well as busy city life. 

If you are the city type and need something slik / chic (especially for ladies), then please review Slang's collection

Also known as "rucksacks", "knapsacks", "packs" and "packsacks"; they have taken the load off from one shoulder and helped us to spread to both shoulders equally, and with a hip belt attachment, bring weight down to our hips. In the mean time, allows you to have both arms free, so you could do your things easily and balanced. Our weak backs are saved, as the German term "Rucken" (back) suggests, it is a bag for the back and to save the back.

How to buy a good backpack ? What to look for ? 

First of all, make sure you know what for & where you will use it. If you are going to go camping, you need a backpack light and made out of hard-wearing material, and water-resistant too. If you want to use it for travels, you need to check the sizing against airline regulations in order to be able to bring the bag into cabin without incurring extra fees. 

There are few materials available in the market. We would like to skip polyester and cheap rucksacks as these have a short life and are not environmentally-friendly. BagWise recommends (and sells) material that lasts: natural genuine leather, acrylic canvas and Cordura (to see more information on each material, please click on the links)

Make sure the straps are padded and adjustable. Not every one is at same height and you need to adjust the weight and height properly to carry your items comfortably. 

A weatherproof material is preferable. Or, make sure you have a rain cover for your bag. 

Inner pockets allow you to organise your belongings and distribute the weight. 

An external loop would be useful to attach tripod, walking stick or anything else, and keep your hands free. 

Side and front pockets are good and handy but should not be easily opened as in crowded places, you might become a target for theft. 

These are just a few suggestions. If you have any, please drop us a line and help us improve our list on backpacks.