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Love Your Leather (2)

(...) Here some tips to help you love your leather.

Basic Care - Over years of use leather can stretch, tear, stain, wrinkle or dry out. So you’ll want to keep it away from water, grease, heat or damp. Simply rubbing leather with a soft, dry cloth from time to time can really help to keep it in great condition.

Pamper the Patina - Over time leather develops a patina – that used look. If you chose soft leather with a matt finish, you’ll quickly see this happening. This is natural and great for your leather so you don’t want to meddle with it too much. As a matter of fact, if you want to support this patina you shouldn’t really use any care products in the beginning, just keep excess heat, damp or dirt away as much as you can.

Fast Fixes – Once your patina is well on its way, if you have signs of wear&tear, gently polish these away with a small amount of Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion and a microfiber cloth. This will darken your leather a bit though so it’s always best to test on a hidden part first. But don’t worry, the colour should even out after a while.

Massage the Material - If you really want to love your leather, you might want to try Collonil 1909 Organic Bamboo Lotion. This will prevent the leather from drying out, becoming brittle and cracking. Used properly, the bamboo extract will nourish your leather with valuable moisture and care for it over the long-term.

Stain Patrol - If you have managed to stain your leather, deal with it as quickly as possible. Oil or grease can be removed by blotting with absorbent powder (chalk works best), which should be left on overnight.

To protect against dirt and moisture you might want to use a waxy waterproofing spray like Collonil 1909 Supreme Wax Spray. Always follow the package instructions.

Clean Inside and Out - Of course we haven’t forgotten the inside of your bag, it can get pretty messy in there, right? For this, you’ll need mild soap and a slightly wet cloth if the lining is cotton textile. If you’ve got some real dirt to shift you might want to consider using a foam cleaner for upholstery. If it’s a smelly mess, you may find that sprinkling in some baking soda may just do the trick. But be very, very careful, you don’t want any cleaner or soda to get on your leather.

Of course, you should always make sure your leather is completely dry before you apply any commercial product and make sure it’s completely dry before using it again. And don’t forget to properly clean any hardware (badges, chains, buckles) on your leather product. It wouldn’t do any good to have a spotless bag with corroded or rusting fasteners, now would it?

So there you are, a few handy hints to help you care for your leather so it looks just as great in ten years as it does today – maybe even better!